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A Life of the Plain and the Simple


Jack and Stella have been married for two years. Izzy is three and has her parents wrapped around their finger. Serenading Sirens is blossoming and their fan base is growing at the same rate All Time Low's had before them. Jack missing the feeling of being a new dad and wants to try to have another baby with Stella. Stella wants another baby but she isn't sure if she's ready to try for another.

Tom is the most supportive brother Stella could ever ask for. He's made sure to book tours so Stella and Jack can have time at home with Izzy around the holidays and her birthday. Plus Tom has been dying to propose to Aubree and start trying to build a family of his own with her.

Aubree is thriving in her studies with her online college in her career with Sirens. She's been holding to her promise of spoiling her niece when Jules and Alex get her out to visit the Sirens on tour. Aubree is waiting for her chance to start building her own family with Tom just like Stella had.

Nate and Laney are thriving in their relationship. Laney has been so supportive of Nate and visits him on the road every chance she can and helps out with Nate's mom while he's out on the road. Nate feels it in his gut that she's the one for him, he just needs to find when is the right time to ask the big question.

Alex now is a proud grandfather to Izzy and Jack's father-in-law. He had guessed when Jack and Stella were little that he and his best friend would end up in-laws. Alex had only hoped when the two of them were older. Alex is still mad crazy about touring, but he's always supportive of his family and lends a helping hand when he can for his kids.

Jack is so proud of his son. He wished that Jack was better than he was and had married Stella first before having Izzy, but life happens and he accepts it. He and Alex still tour like crazy, but the two of them always help out when they can. Jack is hoping that Jack and Stella can hold off making like rabbits for another year at least so he and Alex can enjoy Izzy being their sole grandchild for a little longer.

Rian is very proud of Aubree. She has overcome a lot and she's not only doing well with the band, but also in school as well. Rian knows that the time will come that he'll join Jack and Alex in the grandfather's club. He only hopes that Tom and Aubree make sure they are ready and at least engaged before they decide to have a baby of their own.

Zack is a proud dad. Nate has made it with his friends, just like he had with All Time Low. Zack knows Nate wants the happiness that Tom, Jack, Stella, and Aubree have. He also knows that Nate deserves his happiness and he's close to finding it.
This is the sequel to Long Live Us. Please read that before reading this one.




King of Castle Gaskarth; very proud father and grandfather, still waiting in the wings to save his kids from drowning in the tides.



The Dawson Princess; Working hard behind her books and her drums, but she's ready to build a family of her own with Tom.



The Barakat Princess; Jack and Stella's little girl. Always misses her mommy and daddy, but she's happy when she visits them or when they come home from tour.



King of Clan Barakat; Very proud (though immature) grandfather and father, hopes Jack will keep it slow and simple with Stella while their career is still young.

Jack II

Jack II

The Barakat Prince; A happy father and husband, wants to have another baby with Stella when she's ready.

Lacey Rose and Lily Marie Barakat

Lacey Rose and Lily Marie Barakat

The Barakat Princesses, Stella and Jack's twin girls



The Merrick Prince; Knows Laney is the girl for him, but doesn't know when the best time to pop the question is.



The Dawson King; Proud of everything Aubree has done, and hopes that she'll make the right decisions when it comes for her to build her family with Tom.



The Gaskarth Princess; Very happy mother and wife, isn't quite ready to try for another baby since she misses Isabelle all the time on the road. (Old model)



The Gaskarth Prince; Working hard to help his sister get time to be a mom and is waiting for the perfect time to propose to Aubree.

Xander Rian Gaskarth

Xander Rian Gaskarth

The Gaskarth prince, Aubree and Tom's little boy.



The Merrick King; Proud of the kids, hopes Nate will find the happiness he deserves.


  1. One

    Baby, We're Home (Stella)

  2. Two

    You'll Do For Now. [Jack]

  3. Three

    Green for Ace (Stella)

  4. Four

    Still Going Strong. {AUBREE}

  5. Five

    Finding That Perfect Ring [Tom]

  6. Six

    Ace! [Jack]

  7. Seven

    I'm Going to be Blunt [Tom]

  8. Eight

    Perfect For Me. {AUBREE|SMUT WARNING|}

  9. Nine

    Baby Fever (Stella|Smut Warning)

  10. Ten

    Getting the News. {ALEX}

  11. Eleven

    I'm Growing Old, Not Up [JACK]

  12. Twelve

    I Don't Understand. {RIAN}

  13. Thirteen

    I Miss You (Stella)

  14. Fourteen

    One Happy Mofo. [Jack]

  15. Fifteen

    More Than One New Baby Coming Soon (Stella)

  16. Sixteen

    Share the News. [Jack]

  17. Seventeen

    Nightmares (Stella)

  18. Eighteen

    Don't Let Life Pass You By. {ALEX}

  19. Nineteen

    Tea Party Time [JACK]

  20. Twenty

    It's A.. {AUBREE}

  21. Twenty-One

    Making Promises [Tom]

  22. Twenty-Two

    The Gift of Life. {AUBREE}

  23. Twenty-Three

    Premature Labor (Stella)

  24. Twenty-Four

    Please Be Okay. [Jack]

  25. Twenty-Five

    Postpartum Anxiety (Stella)

  26. Twenty-Six

    The Old Man Club. {ALEX}

  27. Twenty-Seven

    Worry for a Sister [Tom]

  28. Twenty-Eight

    We'll Be Okay. [Jack]

  29. Twenty-Nine

    Slowly Getting Better (Stella)

  30. Thirty

    Welcome Home. [Jack]

  31. Thirty-One

    Babysitting [JACK]

  32. Thirty-Two

    My New Life. {RIAN}

  33. Thirty-Three

    Not the Only Princess in this Castle (Stella)

  34. Thirty-Four

    Learning To Crawl. [Jack]

  35. Thirty-Five

    Getting Back At It (Stella)

  36. Thirty-Six

    Moving Up. {NATE}

  37. Thirty-Seven

    First Guitar Lesson (Stella)


Hai, I love this story
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I hope that Stella is going to be okay.....
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