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A Better Reality


Eleanor is a talented dancer who is focused on only her future at Julliard once she graduates high school. Eleanor is anti-social and people usually think she is stuck up, but they don’t even know her story. Eleanor has a past she is trying to hide; it tears her down and makes her feel worthless. After leaving her mother’s house to live with her father, step mother, and step brother Rian Dawson things begin to get brighter, all thanks to a young Alex Gaskarth. Alex is an aspiring musician; he is the front man and lead guitarist in a band with his best friends. After meeting Eleanor, Alex is determined to get her to break down her walls and trust him.

Will he succeed in breaking those walls? And what lengths will he go to to get the young girl to open up?

-I do not own anyone in All Time Low band/crew, although I wish I did haha. I do own Eleanor and any other original characters. Yada yada yada you know the drill.-

Title Cred:
Song: Somewhere In Neverland
Band: All Time Low


Alex Gaskarth

Alex Gaskarth

Singer/Lead guitarist for All Time Low. Sophmore at Delaney High School and currently trying to work his way into the life of Eleanor Lewis.

Eleanor Lewis

Eleanor Lewis

Rian's step sister, 16 years old. Just moved to Towson from downtown and attends Delany High School with Rian, Alex and Jack.



the starts part killed me. so cute and uhg i'm just way to into this
dizzydisaster dizzydisaster