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Here, Darling.

Like The Last Time I Committed Suicide, Social Suicide.

To say Zack was pissed is an understatement. He was fuming. None of the band had ever seen him like this before; he was usually the calm headed shy bassist that wouldn’t say boo to a goose.

“Zack” Lucy started, shivering slightly in the back seat of the cab, Alex’s coat hung limply from her shoulders, the only protection she had to keep her warm from her sodden attire.

His jaw tightened when she uttered his name. He wasn’t angry that his sister was working in a bar. He was angry that his sister was working in a bar, scantily dressed and dancing provocatively in front of men in order to make tips.

“We will talk later” he mumbled, his voice hard and cold, a tone Lucy hadn’t ever heard before.

It hurt her that he was mad, that he was ashamed of her. She had never seen Zack like this before. He had never been angry with her, trying to understand his sister when no one else could. He always had extra patience when it came to his baby sister, but it seemed like that had all ran out.

“Okay” Lucy replied sullenly, leaning back into the cold interior, wishing that the ground would swallow her up.

Zack had all but dragged Lucy off of the counter and out of the bar, leaving a confused Alaska and a furious Serendipity in their wake. Lucy felt embarrassed over the fact that her friends had seen her been treated like a naughty child.

She bet there wasn’t even a job for her to return to.

The rest of the ride was silent, the rest of Zack’s friends were still at the bar, not having chance to jump in the cab and catch a ride with the pair with the pace Zack had moved. This left them without a buffer to distract them, without someone to break the tension.

Lucy jumped out of the car before it had fully stopped in front of the house, not even bothering to wait for him before opening the door and slamming it shut, running up the stairs two at two a time before reaching her bedroom door, throwing it open and quickly shut behind her, sliding the dead bolt.

Alaska chewed her lip as she paced around the bar, she was meant to be cleaning but Texas had already done that before she had left, leaving her with nothing more to do. She was unsure on what to do about the whole Dakota situation, she didn’t even know if the girl was in trouble and needed her help.

She sighed, picking up her bag and exiting the building, not bothering to lock the door behind her as the faint tapping of a keyboard could still be heard from the office where Serendipity was either working or doing something else that Alaska didn’t understand.

The night was dark and cool; the only light was the street lamps that sparkled above her head, giving the whole area a serene feel, like something you would see in a period drama. Alaska noticed a group of men huddled in a doorway near the bar, instantly she tensed up, fumbling around in her bag until her hand made contact with the pepper spray.

Instantly Alaska relaxed when she noticed the one with the skunk hair, ruling the group out as a threat since they were wearing girl’s jeans and were as thin as rakes.

“Hey” she called, causing them to turn and stare at her, none of them replied instead watching her as she approached them. “You know Dakota, right?” she asked, hopefully wondering if they would be able to help.

“You mean Lucy?” one of them questioned, there dark brown hair was messy, styled in one of those ‘Just rolled out of bed’ looks. Alaska nodded, turning to look at them but it was the one with the buzz cut and the stubble that continued.

“Yeah, she’s Zack sister” he finished, and it instantly all made sense to her. Zack must of been the other boy that was there with them, the one with the short dark hair and all the muscles. The only one who, in the whole history of O’s, had turned down a drink from her.

“Shit!” Alaska exclaimed, running a hand through her hair, there was no way now that Lucy would be coming back to the bar, not one her brother had dragged her out kicking and screaming, his face contorted with anger.

Heck, she bet if Max saw her acting like that he would have done the same.

“Well if you see her before I do will you ask her to give Alaska a call?” she asked over her shoulder, already beginning to head down the street home.


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