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Here, Darling.

And I'm Only Me When I'm With You

It had finally happened. Alaska had just scraped enough cash to pay for the dream building she saw the other week, the one where she could visualise her bakery and watch it come to life before her eyes.

There was nothing that could wipe the smile off her face. She had been scrimping and saving for the last couple of month in order to have enough for the asking price and finally she could reap in the rewards.

Alaska was finally happy that she could leave O’s, have a normal 9 – 5 working life and could become plain old Adelaide and bury Alaska six feet under. She would be happy to get rid of the name; it never did grow on her after all those years.

She was itching to get started, get the place all set up and show Ava her dream come to life. First she had to figure out a name that was probably going to be the hardest task for her. After all it had taken her nearly three weeks to find Ava’s, everyone having to refer to her as Baby Girl until Alaska could find the one that was meant for her daughter.

Texas was definitely going to be missed, but she knew how much the red fireball also wanted to leave the bar and knew she wouldn’t begrudge the brunette for doing the same thing, even if it was before her.

Alaska was hoping they could stay in touch, after all two years of friendship was hard to throw away, especially when you see the person practically every single day. But no Alaska was excited that she could be a respectable mother for Ava, so she wasn’t embarrassed when the other parent’s asked her what she did. So she no longer saw the looks of disgust when they find out her profession, acting as if she was a prostitute instead of a simple barmaid.

Alaska sat in the centre of the big building, her eyes scanning the walls as she tried to picture where everything was going to go. It had been a long morning this morning, having to deal with one extra child than usual but in the end it had all paid off and Lucy had offered to pick up Ava after school and take her to a movie.

At first Alaska wasn’t too keen on the idea, not liking the fact that she wasn’t going to be there to help out if Ava got out of hand. It had nothing to do with Lucy, she could trust the girl with her life and she had been a big help along with Zack and the rest of the gang for the last few weeks.

In the end Lucy insisted, especially when she found out about Alaska scoping out buildings for business and in the end Alaska took her up the offer, making an appointment with the realtor to finally snap the building up.

Zack had offered to come with her, making some macho reason about how people take advantage of loan woman thinking they don’t know things about buying houses or car engines and how with a male presence they might try and rip her off.

Alaska didn’t take him seriously, after all she had survived the last five years without having a ‘macho presence’ to defend her, but she decided to let him tag along with her to show him how amazing the space was.

But it seemed bringing Zack along had an advantage, especially with the way the middle-aged realtor was eyeing him up. It was like she was a lion preparing to pounce on her prey, and that prey just happened to be Zachary.

“Zack” Alaska called from where she sat crossed leg on in the middle of the room, dust absorbing onto the leg of her jeans from the floor, the boy turned from where he was looking out the window, raising his eyebrow slightly as she beckoned him towards her.

“Yes?” He replied as Alaska patted the spot on the ground next to her, a big smile on her face trying to coax him onto the ground next to her, Alaska leaned in closer once her collapsed onto the floor next to him, placing her lips close to his ears.

“I bet if you went out on a date with her she would knock a couple hundred dollars off the asking price” Alaska whispered, her eye’s taking in the woman that was talking animatedly on the phone, her arms waving about with the words, her peroxide blonde her billowing in the wind. “Maybe a little bit more if you, you know. Come on, wouldn’t you do that for your friend Adelaide? Your bestest friend Addie?”

Zack practically chocked on his own spit, his eyes widening as he turned to look at the girl next to him who dissolved into a fit of giggles, practically rolling on the floor with laughter, as she took in the mixture shocked and disgust that was slapped all over Zack’s face.

“Fine, no dating.” Alaska sighed, wiping at her face as she sat up, hugging her knees close to her body as she pushed her hair behind her ears. “But maybe if you flirt a little, show her the abs she might do the same thing” Alaska shrugged, getting a playful push from Zack in return as the lady headed back into the room.

“So Miss Darling, are you happy with everything?” the blonde asked, stopping in front of the couple who quickly clamoured to their feet, even though the woman was talking to Alaska she never took her eyes off of Zack, her eyes continuously roaming his body as though he was a piece of meat.

“Yes, Ms Johnson” Alaska smiled, wiping her hands on her jeans as she turned to look at Zack taking the uncomfortable look on his face, watching as he shuffled from foot to foot and scratched the back of his neck.

“Ah good, I don’t think we have been introduced” Ms Johnson smiled, her pearly white teeth on show as she turned her body fully towards Zack, making sure to show her body off. “Marianne Johnson, and you are?”

“Zack” he choked out, averting his eyes to the floor and away from her ample cleavage on show, shuffling closer and closer to Adelaide as though this might try and hold the cougar off.

“How do you know each other?” Marianne questioned, her eyes drifting between the pair but seeming to stray onto Zack more than necessary, the fact that he was uncomfortable clearly showed but Marianne didn’t seem to take it in.

“He’s my fiancé” Alaska suddenly blurted out, hand automatically reaching to hold Zack’s. She didn’t even know where that come from but she felt the need to help Zack, the boy looked like a lost puppy and if she let this flirting go on any longer he might get eaten alive.

“Oh” Marianne questioned, her eyebrow lifting as her hand looked over Alaska’s hand that was now noted into Zack’s, her eyes now lifting to look at the pair. Alaska beaming at the woman and Zack’s face turning from one in confusion into one of realization when Alaska gave his hand a quick squeeze trying to get him to catch onto the idea. “I don’t see a ring” was all she stated, her eye’s boring into the pair.

“I didn’t want one, with all the baking I do it would just be ruined by now” Alaska laughed off, internally telling herself off for not thinking of this little fact before she decided to jump in and save Zack.

“Oh, how long have you known each other?” Marianne continued to probe, her eyes now flitting to Zack waiting for him to answer her question. Zack looked over at Alaska, her eyes motioning for him to answer.

“Eight years” Zack swallowed, deciding that if he was going to go along with this he would really need to sell this story, thanking his lucky stars that he was good in his drama class during high school. “We were childhood sweethearts, fell in love French class in our first year at Delaney High, we have been together since and have practically never been apart since, isn’t that right my Pookie Bear?” Zack mumbled, turning to Adelaide a flicking her nose, Alaska trying not to burst out into laughter.

“Yes my little Cuddle Bug” Alaska sang back in her baby voice, wiggling her nose against Zack in a soppy way in which she hoped that Marianne was going to believe their story, it not well it was fun while it lasted.

“Ah that is so sweet” Marianne said, although her face said otherwise. Thankfully she seemed to take her attention from Zack and said focused in on the deal at hand, giving Alaska the paperwork for the building before finally leaving after making an appointment for the following day.

“Pookie Bear?” Alaska laughed, as soon as the door slammed shut behind the bimbo blonde, practically collapsing on the floor with laughter as Zack merely shrugged, throwing his arms up in the air in exasperation.

“Hey, what else could I come up with on such short notice?” Zack shrugged, a small smile playing on his face “You were lucky, you were so close to becoming in Pumpkin Butt or Schmooky Pookie Poo” he laughed, pinching Alaska’s cheek as though she was a baby.

“Hey watch it bud! I might just call this engagement off” Alaska joked, accepting the hand he was offering her to pull her to her feet. Nothing could ruin her day.


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