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Here, Darling.

I've Got Full Stock Of Thoughts & Dreams That Scatter You Pull Them All Together & How I Cant Explain

Zack was happy, happier than he had been for a while. It had been week’s since he had slept the night through and he finally felt rested after sleeping on Alaska’s couch. But she was no longer Alaska to him; from now on she was Adelaide Wendy Darling, a name that suited her way more than Alaska.

He was stressed, that was what had made him restless, making it impossible for him to relax unlike the other members of the band. The anxiety and stress of the new album and leaving the major label not affecting them at all, not like it was him.

He wanted the band to work and he was hoping that when ‘Dirty Work’ came out all the stars would align but things change. The rest of the guy’s were excited, idea flowing them and turning into something great, something that Zack found it hard to do.

Zack used to play around with song writing before but the words never flowed, not like it did from Alex simple letters turning into metaphorical meanings that the fans seemed to crave. No, the stuff Zack did was definitely not All Time Low.

But it was like something different had happened today, he felt like he was hopefully again, like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders. He was excited and anxious, wishing he had some paper or something because it was like this morning Adelaide had laced inspiration in the coffee.

He continued to drive down the street, window down to allow the cool breeze to whip around him, ruffling his hair slightly as he reached over to turn the radio up allowing the sound of Hall and Oates to practically shake the car.

If his life would was a movie right now this song would be playing from the sky and people would be hugging him and congratulating him, dancing around and picking him up. Making him feel like the best thing since sliced bread because that’s how good he felt today. So fucking good.

“GOOD MORNING SPORTS FANS!” he shouted as he banged the door open, smile widening as it made a loud bang upon making impact with the wall, he could hear the groans erupting from the living room.

When he walked in he couldn’t help but laugh at the sight. Jack was half dressed and laid face down under the coffee table with Alex’s big toe in his mouth from where he was sprawled on the floor, arms flailed over his face.

Matt was already up, puttering around the room as he collected the empty bottles and cans clinking them together loudly as he grinned at Zack. Rian was passed out on the couch, Jacks shirt bundled under his head like a made shift pillow while Lucy was nowhere to be seen.

“Ahem, I said ‘Good Morning Sports Fans’” Zack repeated, his voice even louder as he placed the coffee cups and McDonalds bag on top of the coffee table, not even bothering to be careful and to not tread on one of Jacks many limbs.

“God, will you please shut up” Alex groaned, wriggling to try and get comfortable, lifting his arm in an attempt to wave Zack away, missing him by a good couple of metres causing Matt and Zack to laugh loudly.

“Bleugh” Jack spluttered, wiping crazily at his mouth as he sat up, trying to get rid of the taste of Jacks foot but unfortunately it seemed he had forgot where he was, his hitting the underside of the table hard causing him to wince while rubbing his head hard, crawling out from under the table before moving to the chair, the pout evident on his face.

“What happened last night?” Rian groaned, wiping a hand across his face as he moved himself into the upright position, hand moving to quickly grab the cardboard cup of coffee, taking any eager sip as he shut his eyes tightly.

“To. Much. Alcohol.” Lucy breathed, Zack looked around the room not spotting his sister at all, he moved towards the couch where he though the voice was coming from but still couldn’t see his sister, he looked over it and finally saw her, laying crumpled behind it.

“That I can tell Luce” Zack chuckled, offering out a hand to pull her up, receiving a glare in return as she collapsed next to Rian, snatching the cup off of him and practically drinking it in one gulp, ignoring the other five cups that were still sat waiting in the container.

Even though everyone else was hung-over and didn’t want to do anything but sleep they couldn’t crush Zack’s mood, he left them all in the living room allowing them to mope in peace as he headed to his room, grabbing a bass from the corner before jumping onto his bed and placing the pink beauty in his lap.

He allowed his mind to wander, his fingers moving in auto-pilot over the strings, playing the notes that he knew so well, mumbling the lyrics to Six Feet Under the Stars under his breath before grabbing a napkin from the floor, his eyes scouring the room for a pen or something else that he would also be able to write with.


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