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Miss Masquerade


I was always told that as a princess we were to be seen and never heard, that we were to have respectable lives, to cherish our husbands (whether it be from an arranged marriage or not), that providing for him would be a must, and that our education was key to everything.

I believed it all for twenty-three years, never once objection to this rules. Never once thinking about what I wanted for myself. However, that all changed last year on my twenty-fourth birthday when my parents-the King and Queen of Portugal decided that I should at least have a few weeks to enjoy myself before I was to wed my future husband. Where they sent me you ask? To Baltimore.

They thought that if they sent me somewhere that had little too no temptation thatI would then realize that in their weird yet demanding ways that they loved me. They had even bought me this cute two story house decked with walk-in closets in each room, separate bathrooms, and a view of the forest out back (when the sun sets beneath it, it is breath-taking).

I thought it was a great idea and was actually excited to hurry up and get there. However, that all changed when they told me the rules:

1) That I was to abide by the rules of our country no matter where I was located

2) That I was to try and make contact with them somehow to let them know I was fine

3) That because I was a Royal, that I was to have at least two bodyguards with me on certain events

4) That I was to not be tempted by any male who was not my husband

Yeah, four rules aren't that much; if you actually take a deep look at them again and read between the lines; you would be able to see that they were making sure I wasn't to have too much fun while I was gone. I was however able to convince them to at least let me take one of my friends along with me.

So the only thing I could do, as any adult at age 24 would do, is disobey them through and through. How? By making myself into someone I'm not and hiding the truth from everyone I meet.

My name is Princess Cariena Maria Venziania and this is how I became Baltimore's undercover resident by the name of Miss Amelia Smithson or as my one friend knew me as Miss Masquerade. (If your wondering about the whole "bodyguards" problem, let's just say I switched their flights and that one ended up in New York while the other ended up in California)


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