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I'll Be Your Shelter


Natalie Rae Taylor
Jordyn Rose Taylor
Alex Gaskarth.

They grew up together, Alex was like her older brother.
They were inseperable.
Until the day Natalie's dad packed up their whole family, and moved them all to the suburbs of Chicago.

It's been ten years.
Natalie is now the rebellious age of 19.
Coming back to her hometown, for her big sister's wedding, would seem like it'd be a walk in the park right?

Yeah, don't hold your breath.

*Hi :) I hope you like this! I will only be able to update a couple days out of the week, because I have a squrimy three month old to tend to! :)
**I don't own Alex, or anyone else affliated with him in the following story.
Image of Natalie is from tumblr. :)
Any other characters mentioned later, their images will be posted here when as they appear.

Alright, sorry for all that! It was kind of important. Anyways, hope you enjoy this!

xo Kailee <3

Oh and here, MY MIBBA


  1. One


Enjoying it so far update soon!
Jewelian Jewelian
I think this could be really good and I look forward to reading more!