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jalex fluff c:

It all started off with a donut.

Alex and Jack were sitting at the lunch table their freshman year of high school, talking amongst their other friends because they just couldn’t stand each other for some reason. Alex finished talking to the girl who had a way too obvious crush on him as he turned to his food in front of him, poking at the Manager Choice Special with his fork, having to hold back the gag as it jiggled on his tray.

“What the fuck is this?” Alex asked to no one in particular, getting an answer from the lanky, weird dude sitting across the table from him.

“It’s your dad’s cum from last night; I figured you’d like to give it back to him.” A smug smirk tugged at the corner of his lips as he ate his own lunch, enjoying it a little too much. Alex rolled his eyes, too tired to spat back a nice come back so he just put his fork down and shook his head in obvious disapproval before he looked up to the younger boy across from him. He had a nice, big box of donuts on his lap, eating them like they were the last tasty thing on the Earth.

“Your name’s Jack, right?” Alex asked, knowing the answer already. The other boy nodded, taking a big bite from the deep fried circle of orgasms. He smirked and licked his lips dramatically to get the left over glaze that was hanging on the corner of his lips.

“Can I have one?” Alex wasn’t much for asking for food from other people but the lunch in this cafeteria sucked ass and he was really fucking hungry. Jack shook his head and smiled smugly at him, hugging the donuts to his chest and cradling them.

“They’re my babies and you hate me, so why should I give you food? ‘Specially when they’re donuts! These very well might be the best donuts on the planet and you want me to give you one?” Alex laughed, he couldn’t help it. This Jack kid was pretty funny, he had to admit.

“Just please, man. You see my food. I need this.” Alex pleaded, sticking out his bottom lip and made the best puppy dog eyes he could at the younger boy. He wasn’t guaranteed that it would work but it’s worked on his mom and a few girls before so why not try it? Because those fucking donuts looked fabulous.

Jack sighed, obviously effected by Alex’s master plan, and held the box of delicious treats out to him. He held up one finger and pointed to the donuts, speaking slowly.

“One! One donut, Mr. Goddamn-Puppy-Eyes; that’s all you’re getting out of me.”
Alex smiled widely and nodded, taking one of them and savoring the first bite. He wiggled around in his seat happily and thanked the younger boy a few times as he ate the donut, sighing quietly when he finishes it.

“This, Mr. Donut-Man, is the beginning of an amazing friendship.”

And now, they were best friends. That was no surprise to anyone when they saw Jack and Alex. It was the best kind of friendship out there, one that people would always look for and very rarely find for themselves. It was the perfect friendship. Alex and Jack both knew it too, always hanging off of each other any moment they could and pecking the other’s lips playfully whenever they wanted to. It was amazing; it was all Alex really needed in his life.

They started a band together with two of their other friend, Rian and Zack, and they made it further than they ever expected. The four of them together, it was like the puzzle of life placed together perfectly. None of them could ask for anything more.

Years later, for the fifth time, Alex and Jack’s band was on Warped Tour, something that they had only dreamed of when they were kids in high school. They were playing on the same stage as some of their idols, having the time of their lives. Everything was working out for them all, happiness and excitement running through their veins all day long.

But when Alex and Tay Jardine broke up, needless to say, Alex was pretty heartbroken. It had been a while since he had been that serious with someone and it hurt. He wasn’t even sure how it all ended; all he knew was that it did. After the set on the second to last week of Warped, Tay pulled Alex to the side. His heart was still beating out of his chest from the amazing show the band had just put on, a bright smile glimmering on his face. He was really fucking happy with his life right now and he couldn’t have asked for anything better.

That when Tay said that they needed to see other people. It wasn’t Alex, it was her; she needed the space. Alex bit down on his lip, swallowing thickly as he listened. He shoved his hands into his pockets and stared down at her, refusing to let the tears that were crowding his bottom eyelids to fall.

“I’m sorry, Alex. This was the best few months of my life, we’re just…we’re not working out. I’m sorry.”

And with that, she hopped off the stage and ran to her merch tent, leaving Alex there in shock. It wasn’t expected at all; he thought everything was on the right track, thought things were perfect between them. But obviously, he was way off. He didn’t even see it coming because he was too focused on making that girl happy. What did he do wrong?

Jack walked up to Alex after he had grabbed a towel to wipe off the sweat that had beaded over his face from the show, chugging down a bottle of water to attempt to keep himself hydrated in the 110 degree weather. He stood in front of the older male and held a water bottle out for him, talking about how awesome the show had been, not even realizing that his best friend was dead silent.

“And the fuckin’ crowd was amazing! Did you see that one chick—” Jack stopped once he watched Alex gasp softly, his chest heaving and his arms crossing over his stomach. He blinked slowly before quickly wrapping his arms around the other, pulling him into his chest and rubbing his back in slow, small circles in attempt to soothe him. He hated seeing Alex like this, not that it happened often because he had the best fucking personality that was almost always happy. Jack saw Alex cry maybe two or three times a year and he was always there to help him through, just as Alex was for him.

“Shh, shh, it’s okay, Lex.” The younger male whispered against Alex’s ear before adding in plenty of other sweet nothings to get him to atleast breathe normally. Alex slowly started to relax against Jack, his grip on the front of his shirt still not loosening. His face was buried deep in Jack’s shirt as he inhaled the other male’s scent, something that might be a little too familiar, not that he minded any.

“She dumped me.” Alex muttered, pulling back enough to look into Jack’s deep brown eyes and letting them lock with his own. He bit down on his lip roughly before he started explaining more, “I don’t even know what happened, we were perfect yesterday. We went out after our sets and had dinner and a movie and I didn’t even try to make a move on her during the movie, Jay. Do you know how hard that was for me?”

Jack couldn’t help but chuckle at that. Surprisingly enough, he did know how hard it was. The band and crew made a trip to the movies one night and Alex and Jack had shared a bottle of Jack Daniels in the car on the way there, giving both of them atleast a little buzz to get through the horrible movie. It was a reason that they were close friends; it gave them both someone to mess around with when necessary. That trip to the movies was definitely a new experience, but that’s a story for a different time.

“I’m serious, Jack! What the fuck did I do wrong?” Alex whimpered, pulling at the front of Jack’s shirt to pull him closer. He blinked slowly, looking at Jack sincerely. Jack tilted his head to the side slightly, pressing his lips together. Did he really think he did something wrong?

“Lex, c’mon. You were seriously probably the best boyfriend that girl had, she’s crazy for dumping you.” Jack kept eye contact the whole time he talked, reaching up to cup Alex’s cheek softly with his hand. The older boy nodded and sighed, leaning into Jack’s touch before nuzzling his nose against the younger male’s neck.

“Can we just go to the bus? I need to shower and I want cuddles. Can I have cuddles, Jay?” Alex’s voice was softly, like if he talked too loudly, something would break. Jack just nodded and reached for Alex’s hand, lacing their fingers together and giving his hand an affectionate squeeze. He didn’t even care if the little fangirls went crazy over this, he just wanted to get Alex safe to the bus; wanted to make his best friend smile again.

Jack led him to what had been their home for the past few months, opening up the door and waiting for Alex to step up but sighing quietly as he stared down at the older male.

“Will you carry me?” Alex whispered, looking up to Jack with those same puppy dog eyes he had years ago. Jack had a soft spot for puppy eyes, okay? Boy, girl, his best friend, or his enemy, those fucking eyes could break him down in a split second.

“You’re milkin’ this, Lex.” Jack bent down and picked his best friend up bridal style, carrying him onto the bus and trying to close the door behind them. Alex’s feet hit a few things as they went through the small bus, knocking over a cup full of coffee and a stack of papers, not that either of them had any intention on picking it up after.

Jack put him down on the top of the toilet after he kicked the lid down, pressing his lips to the other’s forehead lightly. He gave Alex a reassuring smile, brushing the pink hair out of his eyes.

“Now don’t ask me to join you in the shower because I’ll do dirty things if I come in there.” Jack winked at him playfully, brushing his thumb over Alex’s chin. “I’ll meet you in the back lounge when you’re done, okay? I’ll have something special for you.”
Alex just nodded, leaning up to brush his lips against Jack’s cheek before tugging off his shirt. Jack took a quick glance over Alex’s body, biting his lip and smirking. What could he say? He had a hot best friend. Alex slapped the back of his head softly, shoving him toward the door.

Jack stepped out, looking around quickly; he had to make this fast. He called up Matt, knowing he could get it done quickly. He begged him to get what his plans needed for the older boy and he had only about twenty minutes to get it done. Matt agreed surprisingly, saying that he’ll be to the bus in ten minutes.

Jack nodded in approval as he hung up, going to Alex’s bunk to take out all of the remnants of Tay: a few pictures, a couple of her shirts, and a pair of jeans. Jack sighed quietly and shoved the things into a bag, knotting it up at the top and throwing it to the front lounge. He reached into his best friend’s suitcase and pulled out some fresh clothes for him, a pair of boxers, some basketball shorts, and a plain white v-neck, placing them outside of the bathroom door with a towel on top.

Jack was a good friend and he knew that. He never really wanted anything in return, maybe a hug and if he was lucky, a good, reasonable kiss. That was just the kind of person he was, always looking out for his friends instead of himself.

Matt tripped on the bag in the middle of the floor when he came in with a big box of donuts and a gallon of fresh milk. Jack apologized repeatedly and made sure he was okay before pulling Matt into a hug, thanking him again for going out.

“We’ll be back out to the merch tent eventually, I just need him to be okay.” Jack mumbled, double checking to make sure the clothes were still outside of the bathroom door.

Matt nodded and ruffles Jack’s hair in a Momma Mickey way before he walked off the bus once he saw the bathroom door open. Jack hid the box of donuts under a few shirts and looked over to Alex, his chest covered in little water droplets and his fringe wet and flat against his forehead. This is another ‘fuck, I have the hottest best friend ever’ moment because Alex after a shower is seriously one of the hottest things you could ever see. Maybe Jack shouldn’t be thinking that but it’s so fucking true.

Alex reached down and wrapped the towel around his waist, bending down for the rest of the clothes Jack had set out for him. A smile tugged at the older boy’s lips and he held the clothes to his chest, gazing over to Jack, who was now leaning against the wall and looking straight toward him.

“I’ll be out in a sec, okay? Then I’m getting my damn cuddles.” Alex sent Jack a real smile, his teeth shining bright before he disappeared into the bathroom again. Jack ruffled his hair and quickly moved to carry the box of donuts into the back lounge before scurrying back out to get two plastic cups and the gallon of milk.

Jack had just settled down against the floor as the bathroom door opened again, his best friend drying out his hair with a towel before sauntering into the room. A smile quickly grew on his lips, walking to Jack and sitting on his lap before wrapping his arms around Jack’s torso in a tight hug.

“You’re seriously the best friend I could ever ask for,” Alex whispered, pressing a soft kiss to Jack’s lips and only letting it linger for a second. He reached over for a donut and chuckled, taking a bite before holding it out to Jack’s lips, letting him take a bite.

It was quiet as they ate the food and drank more than half of a gallon of milk. Alex was leaning against Jack like his life depended on it, sharing each of the donuts he ate and leaning over to brush the tip of his nose to the younger male’s. Jack was just glad to see Alex smiling, laughing, having a good time. He was beyond happy when he remember he was the reason he was like this.

“This is the last one, Jack-o.” Alex murmured, taking a bite before letting his best friend take a bite. They continued that pattern until the last donut was gone, laughing together as they realized they just ate 12 of the fried things in the matter of an hour.

“Wait, you have some..” Alex leaned forward and pointed to Jack’s lips, smiling lightly. “Glaze on your lips. Can I get it for you?” He whispered, keeping his gaze to the younger boy’s lips. Jack just nodded, tightening his grip on Alex’s waist.

Alex slowly leaned forward, his lips brushing Jack’s soft and slowly. He smiled against his lips and reached one of his hands up to cup his best friend’s cheek, brushing his thumb against Jack’s cheekbone.

They stayed like that for a while, talking, laughing, cuddling, and kissing. It was exactly what Alex needed and guess what?

Jack and Alex’s new relationship? It all started off with a donut.


lalalala i hope you liked it c:


Awwwww so cute!!
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OMG this was so cute! Loved it!
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