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All We've Ever Known


Macy Granger had a far from perfect life growing up. Living on welfare in Timonium, Maryland with only her mother and brother beside her was always difficult, and she found herself diagnosed with multiple mental diseases - an eating disorder, severe anxiety, and terrible battles with self harm - and ran away the first chance she got. She ran away with secrets though, and as her life developed, more and more things added to the growing pile of mysteries.

When she decides to return to Timonium, she is unexpectedly greeted by a boy who once held her heart so tightly that she feared she wouldn't survive if he let go. Alex Gaskarth has done his best to forget about Macy, but what is forgotten soon comes bubbling up, forcing him to face a reality he refused to face for years. This small, pleasantly intended trip soon leads to occurrences the two never expected.

Disclaimer: I actually hate these, since it's pretty obvious I don't own All Time Low or anyone within All Time Low... That wouldn't even make sense! BUT, I am making this to protect my original character, Macy, from any ill-intended thieves. She's quite a difficult and intricate character to write, and I would appreciate it if no one renamed her and used her for their story... Though, I'm sure no one will, I just wanted to be safe. Enjoy the story, dearies! <3


  1. Strange how things can change, how your consciousness can fade.

    “You let him name your dog?!”

  2. You can walk through the door and shove the knife in her heart.

    "I think I would jump right off with you."

  3. Don't blink - they won't even miss you at all.

    "He was hurting, Mace... He needed someone."

  4. I watched you suffer a dull aching pain.

    "Wait! You can't just bust in here and leave without saying anything!"


How can that be the end!!! I want more! I love this story!! <3
broken4649 broken4649
Um, holy cow. How does this story not have more comments? I love this! You're such a great writer, I really want to read more!! :D
<3 oh my gosh. I want more. I really like this story! But it's so sad and so beautiful. :) Please update?
aw poor macy :(((
taylex5eva taylex5eva
gah gah gah why am i the only commenter this is so wellw ritten and i love the plot and yep update soon <33
taylex5eva taylex5eva