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On Our Last Night


Title Credit: Our Last Night - Better Than Ezra

I wish I could tell you how this all started.

I wish I could tell you how all of this came to be.
I Wish I Could Tell You How It Felt.
How it felt to die.
How it felt to live again.
How It Felt to Fall In Love.
But all I can say is…
But all I can say is…
But All I Can Say Is…
I never thought it would happen to me.

When a person kills themselves, no matter how badly religion calls it a sin, they don't always go to hell. Sometimes they get trapped in Purgatory to prove their worth. Most of them become Gaurdian Angels, to protect the poor souls that don't always make it to death. Thomas Gaskarth is no exception. He's a smooth opperator and in the eleven years since his death he's become one of the Head Angels to the Big Guy himself. But when his newest asignment crosses paths with his younger brother Alex, whom he's kept an eye on since his death, things don't run as smoothly as he's used too. Not only does he get to help another lost soul, but he also gets to play a role in his brothers life again. What could go wrong?


Kaileigh Eaton

Kaileigh Eaton

In reality, she's just another girl who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She's dead too, but she went straight on and vacated her body-Which Normandy takes over.

Normandy Crosswell

Normandy Crosswell

In reality she's the main character of the story. Her body is different but the MC's name IS Normandy. So yeah, this is what she looked like before she died.

Thomas Gaskarth

Thomas Gaskarth

Alex's older brother/ Guardian Angel



Thomas' boss/ Head Angel


  1. Epilogue: Sparks Collide

    Title Credit- Our Last Night-Better Than Ezra

  2. We've Got Unfinished Business

    Title credit- Running From Lions- All TIme Low

  3. Angels Fly In The Air Tonight

    Title credit- Our Last Night- Better Than Ezra

  4. Authors Note

  5. Can't Drown My Demons

    Title Credit- Bring Me The Horizion-Can You Feel My Heart


I love the idea behind this one. I want more soon.
i love this so far :)
ooo! i like the idea!! so far its good!!!
earthtotiffie earthtotiffie