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A Love Like Tour

Who plans to go to the A Love Like Tour? What are your dates or date? Tell everyone! :)

I bought my tickets last night! My show is in NC, on March 29th. I'M STOKED.

Holy crap! Same!! I'm going to the same date with my step-dad! And my friend Nora may go too!
Okay we HAVE to meet up, you got a Kik? Oovoo? Instagram?

@Sarah's Butterflies
That I do not (because my smart phone wasn't smart and wouldn't send calls/texts and I don't have real internet >.<) but I can text! And I have this! AND SQUEEEEE! <3.

I'll be staying at a hotel near the venue, its a long drive from the southern eastern coast all the way to Asheville.

@Sarah's Butterflies
Me too. I've been looking into where I want to stay. I pulled it up on Google Maps but I'm still debating on where to book it. It's a longer drive for me than it usually is to go to Greensboro or Charlotte, but I'm just thankful I found a NC show! Tickermaster told me I was going to have to go to DC and even though I'm in VA, that's a pretty long drive for me, haha. I was like, "Screw that! I'm going to their site!" xD

There's the Crown Plaza hotel like 4 minutes from The Orange Peel, that's where I'm staying with my parents.

@Sarah's Butterflies
I'll have to look into that. I don't know much about Asheville. The only time I've ever been there was on a field trip when I was four. My boyfriend agreed to this trip, despite the fact that it's our three-year anniversary weekend (and in those three years I've already dragged him to multiple ATL concerts), so I want a location where we can do more than just see the show.

I've never been to Asheville all I know is that my friend who's from an hour out says the hotels really nice. But that's why they made Google, the best thing for 99% of questions

I have already bought my tickets for the show in Munich on February 25th but I can't go because my school has spontaneously planned a trip that week so I have to get rid of the tickets somehow :(

Is there no way you can skip the trip?! Well, I suppose not many people would agree with that, lol. They shouldn't be too hard to sell. Post them on THC or craigslist. I'm so sorry you can't go! ):