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Favorite Member?

Who is your favorite member of AllTimeLow

Mine is Alex obviously
Mine's Jack... :)
Dreamer182 Dreamer182
To be honest, I can't decide between Jack and Alex. Both are so amazing and care so much it makes me wanna cry. But then there's Zack being all dumb adorable and seeing him cry over his grandma made me wanna punch myself in the face. And Rian and his stupid love for Cassadee and Starbucks and being all stupid happy jfc kms they're all so perfect yells and cries becuase I just wanna hug them all and hit them at the same time
RecklessTayluh RecklessTayluh
My favorite would have to be Jack because it always seems that even when he smiles; he just looks happier. And how he loves being around his friends/bandmates, fans, family, and just doing what he loves to do (play music)
I can't really decide but right now it's Jack :)
He's amazing; and I love watching him on stage... I think he's very interesting, I mean, he makes his silly jokes but he also can be very serious. Oh, and he tweeted me 3 times :))
But the others are awesome, too, it's hard to decide
laChocolatecake laChocolatecake
Mine's a tie between them all. Each of them bring 25% of the band to the table. I can't pick my favorite. So my favorite band member is All Time Low.
awesome answer
Mine is an even tie between Jack and Alex.
They're both such adorable goofballs, and they're all so sweet to their fans.
But, somehow, I just like Jack better.
But I still really, really love Alex, Rian and Zack.
Tie between Jack and Rian.
Personality wise I think that Jack is hilarious and of course I think he's attractive :3
I love how Rian is funny but also seems to bring that serious side to the boys. AND DAMN THAT SMILE!!
blasttyrant blasttyrant
I can't even decide, to be honest. They're all ridiculously attractive and hilarious and adorable. I love each one of them for different reasons. I can't even pick.XD
SammyKay97 SammyKay97
Its way to hard. I love Alex because of his personality and just everything, but Jack is like another part to Alex and you can't have Jack without Alex. But then you can't forget about Rian and Zack. Rian is just amazing in his own ways and Zack seems so sweet and quiet. They all have their differences so I pick all of them plus Flyzik. You can't forget about him! :)
youre right about that especially Flyzic :D
I love Zack because he gives great hugs and he was really sweet when I met him. I love his hair and his muscles and his tattoos. But also alex because i've had a crush on him since i was 12 (5 years, damn!) and his voice is great and he's so intelligent when he's being serious and his lyrics are so amazing. as far as crew, i love flyzik for putting up with their shenanigans and gettin shit done and i love vinny because he's a sarcastic bitch and he puts up with all of us fans.
I don't have a favorite they've all taken part in saving my life and without any single one of them i might not be here today. and btw Flyzik has my dream job. I look up to him. Jack has the personality I love. Alex is loving the way I only hope to be, Rian is a sweetheart and is so smart, and Zack is just the kind of guy ou could really be around alot you know?
Alex has always had a special place in my heart idk he's just done it for me all the time [[[[plus he kinda-sorta-looks like my geography teacher]]]]. But then there's Zack who's so seriously goofy. And JaCK OMG ok calm dOWN. Then there's Rian who's just so ugh. So yeah, probably by a teeny-tiny inch, my favourite is Alex. But only if I HAD to pick a favourite. otherwise it would be them all.
jckbrkt jckbrkt
It's a tie between Zack and Jack honestly. They both are just ugh perfect...
My favorite band member would have to be jack. The first time i ever saw him i knew. I was totally love struck. haha.. He means everything to me. All i think about is him. I know i might sound a little over obsessed lol... But he is just so perfect to me. He makes me the happiest person alive. Also, i really love alex. This fanfic ive been in a process of reading for a couple months now has totally changed te way i see him. I really love him.
JalexBB JalexBB
I love Alex because he knows what it's like to lose someone close to you and I can relate to him a little more. I also love him for his sense of humor because I have an amaing sense of humor as well.
I also love Jack because he has an awesome sense of humor and brings a smile to my face when I'm upset.
Then there's Zack. I love him too. He's quiet most of the time (like I am) and when he is talking he's fucking hilarious.
Rian. I love Rian too. He's so nice and I don't think he can be mean to anyone. That is so me. I hate being mean to people.
so... Considering I love everyone in the band... I guess they're l my favorite. I can compare my personality to theirs and I'm nice and quiet and from what I've heard hilarious. They love music (duh) and it's my life. <3 I LOVE ALL OF THEM!
JalexUnicorn JalexUnicorn

Jack :3

Raxchet Raxchet
Jack cause if I'm in a bad mood watching him act stupid always cheers me up.
jdib12 jdib12