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Jalex Fanfictions!

As you All Probably know Jalex is the Pairing of Jack Barakat and Alex Gaskarth :3
Post your Stories an Let everyone know about them here and we can keep Track of what is a Jalex Fanfiction and not get confused!
Happy Shipping!
Jalex is an amazing pairing that is absolutely wonderful to ship and which also lead to me writing my fic - Dear Jack, (just click on my profile and its there :D)
Dean Winchester; Dean Winchester;
I posted three Jalex fics before, just click on my profile and they're there. :)
jackfkntwist jackfkntwist
Mine's You Had Your Notebook And I Had My Guitar
misspunkrock misspunkrock
Just posted a chapter of my new Jalex fanfic comment and tell me if I should continue writing it! Thanks
ironi1234 ironi1234
Mine- Manage me, I'm a mess-Jalex
AllTimePeasant AllTimePeasant
My fanfic is an apocolyspe based Jalex called Angels Choking On Their Halos
NotJustLyrics NotJustLyrics
My fanfic is called I'm A Walking Travesty and its a highschool fic. Alex gets abused by his mother and he meets Jack at his new school. c:
I update daily!
jagklex jagklex
My fic is called Shut Up And Kiss Me Now, it's a kinda chiche Jalex fic, but it's cute and I love writing it please read, comment, subscribe and other shit. Thanking you in advance! <3
Im_Weird_K Im_Weird_K
I just posted a new story called Close Your Eyes and Think Of Me and I kind of suck at summaries but basically it's a jalex fic that is somehow fluffy and angsty at the same time in which Alex dreams about a certain brunnette and it's complete so I would leave to hear your thoughts on it!
misspunkrock misspunkrock

I have two. One is called "Two Different Worlds" and "Memories... bad ones"
JalexUnicorn JalexUnicorn
I write jalex one shots with JalexUnicorn here
JagkBarakitten JagkBarakitten
i read ur fanfic it was amzing
teamalex:D teamalex:D
I have two Jalex fics. :3 One called Life Can Do Terrible Things and the other is called Alone And Far From Home. I'd love if you read them and got some feedback. (:
CHECK OUT THIS ONE THAT @Lovely Misery is letting me co write with her its a really great start!!!!! http://www.alltimelowfanfiction.com/Story/13199/Call-Me-Foolish-I-Feel-Hopeless/
I just started another story and it's called "Starving For Perfection". :3 Go check it out!
This is the Jalex story I currently cowrite with lovely Lauren on Mibba and its also on ATF
please check it out here!
Thank u so much <3
Geraldinetojr Geraldinetojr
I've got a Jalex c: it's my very first one. It has only the prologue and chapter one at the moment. I've got chapters two, three and four written, just need to type them. I would love for people to check it out though :3


I have a few Jalex fics on my page :)

I've got a forty (and counting) chapter Jalex that I'm in the middle of posting right now. It's called "And Tell Me You Love Me" and it's co-written with EmptySighsAndWine (who is denying me the chance to put her on as an author, as we write mainly on mibba and I doubt she ever gets on here)
c0l0urfultears c0l0urfultears